Team Building Fundraising Opportunity


iSincerelyWish Candle has decided to provide a way for qualifying community organizations to raise funds for their worthwhile causes. The owner of iSincerelyWish Candle Co has decided to mix a fun team building activity with fundraising to help local organizations in Central Illinois Area. This fundraising opportunity is open to any school, religious group, sports team, or charitable organization, iSincerelyWish is here to help you Make Candles for your Cause! 

  • EASY! Candles sell themselves! 
  • PROFITABLE! Up to 50% profit for your cause. 
  • FAST! 2 Day - 2 Week Team Building Group Activity.
  • Opportunity for Pre-Sales, In-Person Sales, and Digital Sales.



Class Overview - Team Building Fundraising Opportunity


Candle making is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable of all crafts. You get the creative pleasure and sense of achievement from making your own candles and then the enjoyment of learning how to sell and market something you created in this class. You can give your candle as a wonderful gift but in our case we about to learn how to make and sell a product that you actually design and make with the owner iSincerelyWish Candle Co. Making candles requires no special skills beyond those taught in this course, it's a craft that's open to anyone age 10 and older.

This fundraising opportunity will take your group from knowing nothing about candle making to having all the knowledge and skills you need to make a set gorgeous container candle. Once you've completed these classes, you'll be able to use your new-found expertise to confidently invent your own candle recipes. Using those newfound skills you will learn about marketing, basic graphic design, building a budget, earning income, and investing in your nonprofit. 

Cost for Training/Leadership Component:

  • Per Person Price or as a Group based on Candle Fundraising Goal.
  • *Cost will cover Soy Wax and Fragrance Oil.
  • We cover the remainder of the cost and bring materials needed to make candles.
*Sell as many as you can to meet goals. You are not responsible for items that are not sold.

The course is made up of several parts. In the first part, I'll use a series of hands-on activities to walk your group through the essential concepts you need to understand in order to make candles safely. After you understand each component, we will work on actually creating a product and testing out different designs for your candles. After we create the products, we will work together to design a logo/design and talk about several ways to market your candle using photos and videos. We will also break down the cost of each item so we can create a fair selling point that will help bring profit from your candles. After that we will discuss methods to sell your candles.


No previous knowledge or experience needed! Must be at least age 10 or older.

To get the most out of this course, you should be prepared to follow along with the practical demonstration and ready to share your thoughts and ideas as we create something new together.

Learning Outcomes:

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify equipment needed for candle making.
  • Summarize safety and candle terminology.
  • Summarize wax, wicks, and additives.
  • Track and keep inventory on candles and supplies
  • Demonstrate step by step candle making.
  • Recognize color and fragrance in the candle making process.
  • Identify cracked candles and what to do.
  • Demonstrate creating container candles
  • Gain Customer Service Skills and Understanding Professionalism
  • Summarize candle making for profit.
  • Market and design a well-made product.
  • Fundraise for a local organization.


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